We strive to use the most beautiful and the most durable materials available.
The fashion industry is among the most environmentally harmful industries in the world. We aim to do the least harm possible by selecting sustainable materials and creating products that will be long lasting. Wherever possible, we aim to use materials that are made in the USA.
100% felted wool
24 ounces and almost 2mm thick, this wool is as hard-wearing as it is beautiful. Wool is a natural textile that is biodegradable and cruelty-free. 
Leather is often referred to as a "natural" product, but the fact is that over 260 environmentally harmful chemicals go into the production of a leather hide. That is in addition to the enormous environmental impact of the raising and slaughtering of the animals from which the hide comes. 
Microleather is a synthetic alternative, reverse engineered from natural leather to mimic the structure of a hide at a molecular level. The result is a highly durable, lightweight and luxurious material. Our Microleather is 100% vegan, environmentally friendly and made in the USA
The same material commonly found in wet suits with a soft and stretchy feel and 2mm thick for added durability. Our neoprene is currently made from 70% SRB and 30% neoprene.
premium zippers
Luxury metal zippers with a polished finish and a smooth glide. Made in the USA